Indigo Hospital's Projects

2012-02-08 16:17:50 by DrIndigo

Dean(WT) - A show about Dean and Austin at work (4 series of 8 episodes)
Gentleman's Pride - In a parody of anime, A love story of a lady and her saviour soon blossoms. (13 episode series, movie pending)
My War Wounds - A journal of a man at war with his life story.
Army World : 2552(WT) - A Halo Machinima series about the mechanoids of war.
The Golden Retrievers(WT) - A movie about the biggest group of successful criminals who never get caught face one final heist. Will they succeed this time?
The Adventures of Cherami Leigh: Anime Cupcake Fairy! - In this one off anime film, FUNimation's Cherami Leigh is secretly a cupcake fairy from the planet Cakeopula. See who she fights in this special film.
Red vs. Blue - Animated Music Videos - Featuring every character song from the Revelation and Season 9 Soundtracks.
LoverBoyLoli's Kanokon The Abridged Series - A mini-series based on the anime series that's pretty much a weird porn show. In the same way LittleKuriboh takes out the card games in Yu-Gi-Oh, we take out the nipples.
My Bride is a Mermaid The Abridged Series - We really have no idea.

Who knows what else is to come.

New New News!

2009-08-24 18:38:13 by DrIndigo

I believe it HAS been a while.
Few updates, I have a bunch of new stuff to share.
New website:
Facebook page:
Blog: http://indigohospitalblogatarium.blogs
YouTube: 3rd

Also, all writing for the Best Served Chilled films are complete, Hopefully starting on it this year. Thanks to SurrealStage for his help in the scripts.

Brand New Flash Short!

2008-04-06 04:54:55 by DrIndigo

Best Served Chilled is in the works. Storyboards to do, say, a week to finish them and this is collaborative work with good friend SurrealStage.
I should say that work should be finished by the summer, but it would be great if it was released in June 19th, my birthday. We're hoping to do a commentary on YouTube and here when we've worked out how to do it. We are looking for people to play Dean, Patrick and Ivan, but I play the water cooler, and hopefully NG member MyKindOfFlash will allow us to use the character Edwin in the courtroom as Dean's Lawyer.

Anyway, very busy with storyboards, updates soon

Karate Karrot: The Read Of Promo

2008-01-24 15:48:54 by DrIndigo

I know I'm not well known, but hear that thing out.
Karate Karrot is a clay animated series about- wait, its in the title. Carrot alive, does karate. Simple.
All synopsis's won't be told until the animation is done.
However, I will give out a few things on what you will expect to see:
Karate Karrot's origin and how he came to be is first episode.
Some mirror universes will be involved and another claymator will help do a double bill. reasons why that is so cannot be reveal.
I personally don't like episode 5 but I can't think of other ideas to replace it. I may change it to something else.
Episode 6 includes 2 social networks
ep 7 has a halo like game, along with the Tankmen, if permission is ok, and if im even luckyer, maybe JohnnyUtah will do the voices and i can tell its obvious that it won't happen.
And then ep 8 will be the xmas special. Another xmas special based on Its a wonderful life will be in series 3.

Comment as you wish, bad comments ignored but postable for fairness.

First News Post Me's Done!

2008-01-11 12:40:53 by DrIndigo

Hi, I am The Doctor. An Indigo one. I'm working on scripts for Karate Karrot. Scripts for Series 1 should be finished sometime next week and I shall animate ASAP.
If you're still reading this, you've wasted about a minute reading the only thing I had to say.
Comment if you must, but I don't care about mean ones.