Entry #5

Indigo Hospital's Projects

2012-02-08 16:17:50 by DrIndigo

Dean(WT) - A show about Dean and Austin at work (4 series of 8 episodes)
Gentleman's Pride - In a parody of anime, A love story of a lady and her saviour soon blossoms. (13 episode series, movie pending)
My War Wounds - A journal of a man at war with his life story.
Army World : 2552(WT) - A Halo Machinima series about the mechanoids of war.
The Golden Retrievers(WT) - A movie about the biggest group of successful criminals who never get caught face one final heist. Will they succeed this time?
The Adventures of Cherami Leigh: Anime Cupcake Fairy! - In this one off anime film, FUNimation's Cherami Leigh is secretly a cupcake fairy from the planet Cakeopula. See who she fights in this special film.
Red vs. Blue - Animated Music Videos - Featuring every character song from the Revelation and Season 9 Soundtracks.
LoverBoyLoli's Kanokon The Abridged Series - A mini-series based on the anime series that's pretty much a weird porn show. In the same way LittleKuriboh takes out the card games in Yu-Gi-Oh, we take out the nipples.
My Bride is a Mermaid The Abridged Series - We really have no idea.

Who knows what else is to come.


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